„Conscious Recollection III“ was created for the group exhibition "THE INVISIBLE - Visualizations Beyond Memory, Imagination, and Simulated Reality" at Art Hall Rayko Aleksiev, curated by Stanislav Pamukchiev and Peter Tzanev.

In this artwork, memories are the invisible matter stored in the archives of the mind. In order to recall something, we have to dig through these archives. Memories do not come as a full picture all of a sudden, they rather appear in fragments like pieces of a puzzle before all the information could be visualized. Similarly to this process, participants have to touch the surface of the drawing in order for an image to appear on it but the image is activated only on that particular spot. When the finger moves on the surface, the image is only partially visible – just like as memories, the information appears and disappears again like a phantom.

Although these objects-drawings are quiet and almost invisible in the space, they activate the audience to physical participation.

INSTRUCTIONS for participation:

1/ Place the thimble from the first box on your forefinger to keep the touch screen clean.
2/ Gently press the touch screen with your forefinger and move it to recall a memory.
3/ Leave the used thimble in the second box.

Interactive drawings; tracing papers, blue rubber thimbles, black papers, flour, nails; edition of 6 drawings (A3 format each) with 3 Instruction elements.

Instruction elements for the drawings designed by
Maria Mihailova

Photographs by
Yana Lozeva