NUCLEAR MAN is a project created for ABSOLUT BLANK Bulgaria. Several Bulgarian artists from different fields of art were invited to work inspired by the two-dimensional outline of the bottle. The task was to work only inside the contour of the bottle.

The challenge in NUCLEAR MAN was to build a multi-dimensional space with complex geometry, which would oppose the flat image of the bottle. A figure consisting of thousands of elements is placed inside an interior with reflecting surface.

NUCLEAR MAN depicts a human body within a measurement chamber in a state of teleportation.

Installation; 10 000 golden coctail straws, transparent silicon, wood, paint, mirror foil, fibran, lights; 375 x 130 cm.

Design by
Vitto Valentinov

Technical supervision by
Ivaylo Ignatov

Capsule executed by
Lubomir Stefanov,

Human figure built by
Vitto Valentinov, Nikoleta Naydenova and Margarit Alexiev

Photographs by
Natalia Iordanova, Mihail Novakov and Vitto Valentinov