This book was part of the group exhibition “ReForget Your Past”, part of the Sofia Art Book Fair 2017.

My intervention on the book Forget Your Past is in a ready-made direction. In this version of the book I do not add a new element, invented by me. I combine two, already existing, "found" materials and place them on top of each other to achieve the desired manipulation. These two elements are text and image. The text is a selection of Bulgarian subtitles of the American blockbuster Titanic. The images are a selection of photographs from Nikola Mihov's book Forget Your Past. My work is born in the space between these two parts.

My version of the book does not address the fate of Communist monuments, but the fate of Communism itself - the rise and fall of a totalitarian system.

* The original version of this project is with Bulgarian subtitles.

Book; silver foil on the original cover of the book, sketchbook with black sheets, black and white prints, glue, matte black gaffer tape; 21 x 29,7 cm.

Photographs by
Kevork Vanlyan