When artists have no creative ideas, they usually roam the streets, rearrange their working space or take self-portraits. In April 2014 I was given a studio in an abandoned factory in the industrial area around the Freight Station in Sofia. I had been invited to present at TEDxBG, but since I had no ideas, I began cleaning up my studio-to-be. I don’t have a car and I stay away from public transport, so I walked to the studio every day, amidst all the dust and noise of the neighbourhood. During these long walks I was looking around for new ideas. But the only thing that stuck with me was the dust and dirt on my clothes. In the evening, I would clean them up and keep the dirt as a diary of sorts. Eventually, I created a series of self-portraits documenting a period of a creative block spent cleaning my studio and roaming the streets.

This project was presented on may 18, 2014 at the Sofia Philharmonic Exhibition Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria, as part of a group exhibition at TEDxBG 2014.

View the video:

Part one “The Ritual”; 4 min. video loop.

Filmed and edited by
Vitto Valentinov

Part two “The Artefacts”; conceptual object; dust, wool, paper, silver foil, wood, plastic; dimensions variable.

Photographs by
Vitto Valentinov