The word "преход" [prehod] means "transition" in Bulgarian. In 2014 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the so-called Bulgarian transition – the one from a totalitarian regime to democracy and market economy. At the beginning of the "transition", after Bulgaria's borders were closed for a period of 45 years, thousands of Bulgarians immigrated to Western Europe, USA, New Zealand and Australia and other places.

In Bulgarian the name of the device for transition from one electric standard to another is called "преходник" [prehodnik].

This project is dedicated to all immigrants, who left Bulgaria after the opening of borders in '89, as well as to all, who returned from abroad.

The project was part of the exhibition “PREHOD for Sale”, hosted by Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Sofia.

Series of 9 post cards - edition of 10+1; digital print on paper, 10,4 x 14,8 cm.

Photographs by
Kevork Vanlyan

Graphic design by
Viktoria Nesheva