TAPE-LEPATYC TRIP is a short science-fiction photo-story presented as a booklet for an LP record for the electronic duo 1000 names. This story is about a new kind of “wearable machine” that facilitates its users’ imaginings! That new bodily extension is called a TAPE-D-TRON-1000. It is a brand new type of binoculars that expands the human imagination and offers revolutionary possibilities in the field of virtual devices.
Its mission is to translate the audio signal from a magnetic tape into abstract virtual images which are then projected through a complex sensory system in front of the eyes. The environment is extremely important in this process - the specific light, air, horizon, texture and physical matter affect this unique experience. Choosing a different location presupposes a new exciting interaction between real and virtual. Imagination, space, sound and picture overflow in a modality yet unknown.


Artcover (booklet) for a vinyl of 1000 names; offset print on paper, 16 pages, 31 x 31 cm.

Story by
Vitto Valentinov

Tape-D-Tron-1000 design by
Vitto Valentinov

Tape-D-Tron-1000 executed by
Denica Boyadzhieva

Photographs by
Mihail Novakov and Ivailo Mladenov

Graphic design by
Velina Stoykova