FALLING ON THE FOVEA is a mind adventure that causes you hallucinations. You witness a world with hidden logic where enigmas will emerge. A story of a phantom creature locked inside a phantom space. The only way to escape from its tragedy is to melt into the environment. In this micro drama of metamorphoses, death and resurges, everything looks as a metaphor. The veiled antagonism of this autonomous universe surrounds you with suspense. The optical illusions confuse your perception of dimensions. The slow flow of time of that claustrophobic cosmos fades your metabolism down and you fall asleep hypnotized. In fact, all you see is nothing more than a mirage.

Short film; 13,20min; in collaboration with Kristina Ianatchkova

Performed by
Kristina Ianatchkova

Filmed by
Vitto Valentinov

Edited by
Kristina Ianatchkova and Vitto Valentinov