In BALANCE two participants sit from the two sides of a very sensitive lab scale and follow instructions. Zoomed camera shows the close up of the action to the audience. Participants’ goal is to maintain the balance between one another and keep it as long as they can. Thus, BALANCE aims for a dialog.

In BALANCE the participants are involved in an experiment, which requires minimal physical activity, but full body and mind concentration. BALANCE is the second project from a series of participatory installations, in which the participant’s body is subject of ”research”.

BALANCE has been created during a residency program at DAAP – College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

The project was sponsored by CEC ArtsLink in partnership with the NEA and the Ohio Arts Council.

Participatory installation; laboratory scale, plexiglas, metal, silver paper, wood, video camera, TV monitor; black/white photographs; dimensions variable.

Instructions performed by
Theresa Krosse and Vitto Valentinov

Photographs by
Justin Hodges

Grading by
Kevork Vanlyan and Justin Hodges

Graphic design by
Viktoria Nesheva