In this project I explore MEMORY as a dynamic system of processes. I examine its main characteristics such as remembering, storing, recollecting and forgetting. I symbolically speak about processes in human memory and build architectural structures whose structural modules are made of hundreds of computer components, storing heterogeneous information. I look for the relation between urban models, storage devices and the human brain.

The work was produced by invitation of Alter Collective and with the financial support of Lirex.


Translation of the text on image #14 :

1/ Place the thimble on your forefinger to keep the touch screen clean.
2/ Gently press the touch screen with your forefinger and move it to recall a memory.

Installation; 627 used floppy disks, 1380 computer keyboard keys, mirror, cardboard; 55 x 140 x 55 cm.

Interactive drawings; tracing papers, nails, pencil, textile, paper; edition of 16; A4 format each.

Technical supervision by
Ivaylo Ignatov

Executed by
Vitto Valentinov & team

Photographs by
Kevork Vanlyan

Photographs from opening by
Yasena Popova

Graphic design by
Viktoria Nesheva