After MITOSIS and BALANCE, CONTACT is the third project from a series of participatory installations, in which the body of the participant is an object of "exploration".

CONTACT was created for the exhibition SPACE – AUDIENCE at Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, March 11 – April 26, 2015.

In CONTACT two participants are positioned 8 meters apart from each other. Participant A follows instructions about his/her breathing. By using small handheld pumps, he/she sends signals relevant to his/her inhalation and exhalation, which pass via an “apparatus” to Participant B. With closed eyes the second participant receives the signals on headphones. Participant B explores the body of participant A, while participant A, like an astronaut, creates a connection through distance.

Participatory installation; handheld pumps, parts from stethoscope, fishing lines, metal pipes, flask, gloves; 750x185 cm.

Instructions performed by
Maria Todorova and Prodromos Haleplis

Photographs by
Yana Lozeva

Graphic design by
Viktoria Nesheva