MAPS, 2018

In MAPS visitors are invited to participate in simple, playful activities within two distinct zones designed for face-to-face interaction. There, they have the opportunity to connect, cross boundaries and attempt synchronization. The core of the experiment is for the participants to become simultaneously acquainted with one another; as an act of solidarity and equality. In these ritualistic games, mapping is a form of observation and acceptance of each other, while the boundaries create connections rather than separation.

In MAPS 1 and Maps 2 two participants sit (MAPS 1) or stand (MAPS 2) across each other and follow instructions. Participant A puts his left hand with spread fingers to the left hand of Participant B in the middle of the table, as shown in the illustration. The two participants outline the contour of the partner's hand from the outside to the inside. The goal is to achieve sync during contour outline.

MAPS was created for the exhibition “Alter me, Alter you” at Goethe- Institute Bulgaria in Sofia as a pop-up event.
Curator: Clelia Coussonnet.

Participatory installation; metal, wood, paper, markers; dimensions variable.

Photographer: Kevork Vanlyan

Poster designed by
Viktoria Nesheva