An experiment requiring audience participation.

Two participants sit across from each other and follow instructions below.

Participant A has one minute to carefully look at the displayed work of art (“One on top of another” by Stanimir Genov, 2017). Body and face to remain completely still, moving only the eyes.

Participant B pays close attention to the eye movements of participant A perceiving the work of art and replicates these movements by drawing on a sheet of paper to document the activity.

Two cameras track the actions of both participants in detail - the eyes of participant A and the hand of participant B. The performance is streamed live, on two monitors for onlookers to experience. Drawings by past participants are displayed throughout the gallery.

The performance was part of the exhibition „Shifting Layers – Young Art at the Museum” at Sofia City Art Gallery, curated by Vladiya Mihaylova.

Participatory installation; two CCTV cameras, two TV monitors, six pedestal, cables, black and white gaffer tapes, A4 papers, blue and red pens attached to a handle; dimensions variable.

Technical supervision by
Kevork Vanlyan

Photographs of the performance by
Yana Lozeva

Photographs of the installation by
Vitto Valentinov

Poster designed by
Viktoria Nesheva
Images by
Kevork Vanlyan