VISEME, 2018

An experiment with audience participation.

Two participants sit across from one another and follow instructions.

Participant A takes a card from the top of the deck, which shows an image of one of the objects on the wall, and after looking at it places it in the designated spot on the table. He/she then looks at the participant B and slowly but expressively pronounces the word that indicates the image, without sounding it. Participant A repeats this 5 times.

Participant B pays close attention so as to read the lips of Participant A and guess the word being pronounced. He/she then writes the guess onto a card with the marker and sets it in the designated spot on the table.

The participants switch roles and repeat.

Two cameras transmit the images and written words from the cards onto two monitors.

VISEME is part of a series of installations with audience participation, where the participant's body is subject of "research". The visitor is involved in an experiment where minimal physical actions are performed but full concentration of mind and body is required.

The project was part of the exhibition "Pavilion of Tomorrow" at Credo Bonum Gallery, curated by
Galina Dimitrova-Dimova and Vessela Nozharova.

Participatory installation; 2 CCTV cameras, 2 TV monitors, 2 chairs, 2 black markers, table, instructions on paper, 2 x 50 cards with images, 500 blank cards, 50 black/white photographs, 50 found objects, glue pads, cables; dimensions variable.

Instructions performed by
Raya Rumenova and Beta

Viseme images performed by
Peter Grudov

Photographs of the of the installation, the instructions, viseme and object images by
Kevork Vanlyan

Photographs from the opening by
Radina Gancheva